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Cajun Links

  • Download some of our songs for free.
  • Evil Emil and the King kong Cobras. Swedish Zydeco band.
  • Cajun Hurricane. Another swedish Cajun, Zydeco and Swamp pop band.
  • Savoy music center. Marc Savoy, musician and accordion builder.
  • Bon-Tee Accordions. Larry Miller, accordion builder.
  • Floyds Record Shop. Cajun and Zydeco records.
  • KBON. On-line radio station. Louisiana music on the internet 24 hours a day .
  • Cajun music in Denmark
  • More Cajun links.


    Other Links

  • the Swedish Association for American Folk Music. For those into Bluegrass, Old-time and Cajun music.
  • Betty Bass and the Boys.
  • Rockridge Brothers.
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